Michael Raphael
& The Mystic Hours
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Hallelujah              -  
Butterfly Effect   - 
A Light In You  - 
Lose Your Mind   -  
Such Bliss         -   

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Hallelujah                                                                    Butterfly Effect

I heard there was a sacred chord                              Why in God's world
that David played and it pleased the lord                  must there be so much pain?
But that's right; you don't really care                        Why must there be suffering?
that much 'bout music, do ya?                                    Well, pain brings struggle;
Ah, but it goes like this:                                              Struggle brings change;
the fourth, the fifth,                                                    It's the natural evolution of things.
the minor fall, and the major lift:
the baffled king composing Hallelujah.                      Like the butterfly 

                                                                                     that will die soon
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.             if it doesn't have to struggle
                                                                                     to leave the cocoon;

You needed faith, but you wanted proof,                    if life on earth were not hard

‘til you saw her bathing on the roof.                           we would never fly
Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew ya.                We require struggle
Then she tied you to her kitchen chair;                       to reach the sky.
She broke your crown and cut your hair;                   
and from your lips she drew a Hallelujah.                 
You will make many changes
                                                                                     before settling satisfactorily.
Some say that there’s a God above,                           Sometimes you feel lost
But I believe that God is Love.                                    when you can't see
And Love, it moves within,                                          where all those changes will lead.
all around, and through ya.
And even in the darkest depths of night,                  
You can’t run.  You can’t hide.
if you go within you can find the light,                       Your problems will follow you.
of your truth and hear your spirit cry Hallelujah!      Open up and spread your wings.
                                                                                     Face your fears.
                                                                                     Take a leap of faith.
A Light In You
                                                                                     There are many paths
I see your pain.                                                           but this one is mine.
I know what you’re going through.                             I will lay my heart
I need to tell you                                                         and soul on the line.
that I'm always here for you                                       I will take my chances
And you are loved                                                        it will turn out fine
no matter what you do.                                                if I live in Love 
                                                                                     one moment at a time.

We are not our appearance.                                        Live in Love.
And we are not our past.                                                                                    
All of this is temporary.                                
It’s our spirits that will last.                            Lose Your Mind

There’s a light in you                                       What makes you who you are?
brighter than the sun.                                      Is it your house; your clothes; your car?
It’s the part of you                                           On what do you hang your pride?
that’s in everyone.                                           Is it your body or your mind?
There's a need for you                                             
or you would not be here.                               Your intellect can't comprehend 
So give yourself to the world.                         A Peace surpassing understanding.
                                                                         And all of your accomplishments
I know the darkness                                       Can't fill the void in which you're standing...
I have been there too.                          
But I know                                                       When you feel that hole
that’s not the truth of who                              pulling at your soul
you really are.                                                 and there's nothing you can do
I see the love and beauty in you.                   to satisfy your longing
                                                                         surrender to the falling
We are not our troubles.                                 and your spirit will catch you.
And we can never fail                                      Lose your mind to find the truth.
for we are only here to learn                          
as we make our journeys                                In the space between your thoughts
through the veils.                                            Is a knowing beyond knowing. 
and in the still of nothingness.
is everything you’re really wanting...

Such Bliss                                                         You don't have to understand
                                                                         the how or why of Love.
All I want is within me                                     Let your self evaporate
I am one with all I see                                     into the sky above.
It is such bliss                                                  All your rights and all your wrongs
to live like this                                                 mean nothing to the Tao.
All I want is within me.                                    There's no future; There's no past;
                                                                         The peace is in the Now.
All I need is within me                                     If we could just lift the veils
All I need is to breathe                                    we'd see that All is One
It is such bliss                                                  endless field of energy                            
to breathe like this                                          vibrating as a song.
All I need is within me.                                                                

All I want is within me                                                      
I am the peace I seek                                                         
It is such bliss
to be like this                                                                       
All I want is within me.                                                  

All I need is within me                                                               
I give and I receive                                                                    
It is such bliss                                                                             
to love like this                                                                          
All I need is within me.             

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