Michael Raphael
& The Mystic Hours
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Wherever you are, you are

Michael Raphael is a dynamic singer and songwriter, who’s written and recorded dozens of songs with rock bands over the last 19 years.  Several years ago, after coming to The Center for Spiritual Living – Dallas, he joined the tenor section of the Celestial Voices choir, and soon after became a regular part of the Music Ministry Team, helping to lead the congregation in song during Sunday services, initially under the direction of Michael Gott.  These experiences have helped him develop from a raw rock talent to a more polished crooner, with a greater dynamic range, and to learn to write from his spiritual center, rather than relying on emotional pain for inspiration.   While Michael has a rare vocal range and powerful voice, what really sets him apart is the way he performs, fully embodying the emotions of the songs, allowing the audience to truly connect with the music in a deep and meaningful way.

Michael is currently the volunteer Music Director, at the Miami Center for Spiritual Living, and is available as a solo performer for other “New Thought” churches and Centers for Spiritual Living.  He also teaches phenomenally powerful workshops for personal transformation through sacred breathing practices and Chi Gong (Qigong).  For more information about these workshops, visit www.InnerFireWorkshops.com.

The Mystic Hours is a rotating cast of outstanding musicians who usually create their own parts for each song, and by lending their unique musical voices help to write the songs.  None of these songs would even be listenable without their considerable contributions.

Darin Robinson
Guitarist extraordinaire.  His guitar sounds are often so different from  typical guitar sounds that you may think you’re listening to keyboard parts, when in fact it’s Darin coaxing the most cool and beautiful sonic colors and vibes from his guitar, effects, and amplifier.  He’s the main reason why these pop songs sound as interesting and artistic as they do.

Rob DeStefano
Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire.  Rob, who has been playing in bands since 1979, was the drummer in one of Michael’s previous Goth/Rock bands, in which he also contributed to the writing of bass and guitar parts.  His melodic bass grooves and dynamic percussion are the foundation of The Mystic Hours’ music.

 Jim Scott -  A great bass player with a knack for subtlety, and a talent for arrangement, Jim has played with a number of bands and artists in the Dallas area for years.


Michael Gott
– is an amazing singer, pianist and songwriter who has independently released nine inspirational music albums with global sales, including the brand new "Amazing Things".  Currently he’s the Musical Director for the Unity Church of Houston, after having served in that capacity at the Center for Spiritual Living in Reno for 1 year, and CSL in Dallas for 16 years. He’s in demand for conferences and special events nationally and internationally, having shared the stage with such renowned personalities as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Michael & Rickie Beckwith.
“I am so overcome with gratitude for the opportunity to have my mentor and one of my musical heroes, Michael Gott perform on this CD.  He’s one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever known, and has been such a huge inspiration for me musically and personally.” – Michael Raphael



Cornell Kinderkinecht
– A very talented performer of historic and ethnic woodwind instruments from cultures around the world.  He performs regularly at concert venues, workshops, festivals, coffee houses, and churches and also teaches flute.  He’s released three solo albums and another two albums in collaboration with singing bowl artist, Jodi Roberts.
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